One Year Later

Today marks exactly one year since Ryan was diagnosed with ALL and our lives were turned upside down. In some ways it feels like that was just yesterday and in many other ways it feels like ten lives have passed since then. This has been the most unexpected and challenging year of our lives, but there is much to be grateful for.

One year of successful treatments. One year of cards, care packages, and DoorDash gift cards sent from family and friends far and wide. One year of prayers, and one year of growth. One year closer to putting this behind us.

A quick update on the treatments: Ryan started Interim Maintenance 2 on October 4 and it's been going fairly smoothly other than quite a bit of nausea. He now has two chemo appointments left in this phase, and then he will start Maintenance in early December. That's a milestone that we've been wishing to reach as soon as possible, and now that it's within reach we've realized that, while yes, we will enjoy having more control over our lives, less frequent treatments, and the chance for Ryan's immune system to heal, the emotional and mental scars from this experience will take time to fade. Nevertheless, we can see the light at the end of the very long and winding tunnel, and that is something to celebrate.

We are grateful for your love and support, and want to say thank you in advance for your continued prayers and positive thoughts sent our way. This is not an easy road and there will continue to be challenges, but hopefully the load will lighten a little each day going forward.

We have kept every card we've received this year as a reminder of our amazing support system.
Two weeks ago we traveled to Folly Beach, SC with my parents for a much-needed week-long getaway. This was by far the furthest Ryan has been away from home since he started treatment for ALL, and his care team gave their blessing.