After 12 days of an unexpected hospital stay, Ryan is finally home! His ANC went from 55 on Tuesday up to 135 on Wednesday, so late yesterday afternoon he was discharged. Thank you so much to all of our family members who have sent us amazing videos of your "ANC dances" - it brightened our week, and we hope it brought you some joy too during this cold February week.

Ryan is still not feeling very well, but glad to be resting on the couch at home rather than in a hospital bed. As of now the plan is still for him to go back into the hospital this Monday, the 22nd, to start Interim Maintenance 1 (as long as his counts meet the threshold needed to re-start treatment). While he's not looking forward to turning around and going back in so quickly, a 3 day admission will hopefully seem like nothing compared to this last one.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support from near and far. It means more than you know!

The first thing Ryan did upon his return home was take a long nap on the couch. I think Luna is happy to have him home too. :)